Instant Moments! Instant life!!

Hola y’all sweethearts!!

Monica Iphone 067

Trying new accents hahaha… After finding my compass again last month, I thought I should do something that I have never done before in this blog…

I have said in a previous post that throughout  my few but sincere post I found an space to share my at first private path and dream, that now it has become a very loud and open goal, so with courage I’m happy to share some of my moments, some of those special and common moments in life that keep me going!

Let’s start!!

It was my Birthday Month!! yeahhh :/… I mean I was happy and blessed for one more year of life, and Wohoo to many more years to come, but I might have been developing a math problem, I won’t be able to count well birthdays anymore either that or my next cake will burn on fire hahaha!!  I’ll buy a bigger cake!! (light ball thinking lol)

Monica Iphone 342 bd

Btw this cake, was for a couple of us that are June babies!! So don’t count the candles lol ;)…

Last year I had a crazy birthday surprise at a boat party, with a Champagne bath and a cake makeup… I smelled like cheese after that ewww not a good smell…  but I had a very loud birthday party, loved it!  and then I kept celebrating like a carnival for three days in row, a lunch, a get together with another cake, you get the point it was some kind of made up for previous years of quiet celebrations! Btw I think strawberries don’t look good on me hahaha!

Monica Iphone 288 me

So this year I decided to go all small and quiet during my actual birthday on June 4th, just my sister, my family on Skype and the Cumpleaños Feliz song, sang by my handsome babies (3 and 5 years old) nephews, I love them and miss them everyday!! You see, was a piece of cake!! (got it?  hehe)… No candles, no remainders of age, actually  I couldn’t fit them in that small cake hahaha!

Monica Iphone 247

Let’s forget the fact that I am getting old… I am in the best moment of my life, at least that is what they said ;)… hey look a Serena Williams, she just won Roalng Garrost for the million time!! I had a flashback, I have this picture from when I went to cover the World Team Tournament here in New York, I was at her press conference and she kindly answer my questions!! It was a great experience, as a reporter you don’t get the chance to interview in person the most famous women tennis player of the world every day!! This is one of those moments that helped me to keep my eye on the goal, to keep fighting for my dream and that everything it is possible with faith…  Remembering you old or past victories they said,  will help you to win the next ones!!

Monica Iphone 295

But while I’ll get there, I will try not to melt during this summer, yes it’s hot!! I still don’t have an A/C, don’t know if I would ever have one, you got to love NY to survive in this tiny little apartments or be a bit crazy, maybe both lol… Anyways summer it’s here and what you do during this hot and sweaty time? Yes  you BBQ or like me I just go, since I don’t have a space to host one hehe, but this is why I love New York, you go up into a rooftop, (There is always someone with a nice rooftop) and you have a nice BBQ with nice friends and voilà a beautiful and relaxing view!!

Monica Iphone 303

You know is summer in New York, when you are coming back from a nice BBQ at 2:30 am and you can not find a place to sit in the subway train. I guess the heat don’t let New Yorkers sleep ;0

Monica Iphone 306

Anyways the city is all green and sunny (most of the time!) hot and just ready with outdoor activities, my favorite is going to a park hahaha yeah I am so creative, I just sit there and talk with a cold drink…. Bryant Park is great just in the middle of the concrete jungle!

Monica Iphone 217

Or I will lay down under the trees…  What a good life, perfect way to clear my mind and relax with God creations…

Monica Iphone 255

Riverside Park is one of my favorite places in New York, is my little piece of heaven!! So relaxing and the river transport me to my country somehow, maybe it’s the feeling when I used to go to the beach… don’t know but I just love it!!

Monica Iphone 057

Monica Iphone 025

I should go more often to run or just to walk for fitness purposes hahaha… I’m in a desperate get back on shape mode now…  but hey maybe I can do what this guy is doing, I have never seen this type of excersise equipment, it seem hard to do it, but maybe it works??

Monica Iphone 071

I little blur but I was in a kind of “what the heck is that” moment that I reacted in slow motion to take the picture of this weird but nice fitness equitmen?

But since I still have a long road to walk to get back into my previous shape, I will take it one day at a time and probably stick to what I know I can do without putting in risk my face or my butt if I hit the floor hahaha

I have found out throughout the years that June has been a busy month for the Stork… I have always had two or three friend that share the same birth month! So this year we joined forces and make one celebration in a traditional kind of New York Style way, with a birthday brunch!!

Monica Iphone 335

Which in reality is an early party, club style!!

Monica Iphone 339

Sport addition alert, I know, I am sick haha… I couldn’t resist to kept an eye on Brazil that was playing the Confederations Cup, which  at the end of the month they won  against a very unrecognizable Spain… (story for my other blog hehe)

Monica Iphone 336

We finished our celebration with a bonfire… hahaha it’s actually the cake, but it does look like a bonfire… I like to think that they summed all our years ;/ maybe… or pick the oldest one…

Monica Iphone 343 shape

Birthday celebrations were officially over…. buuu

It’s incredible when you get out of the city for a while and boom it’s another world, I went to a calm suburban town outside the city, very quite world, since I am in a kind of round shape alert I took the advantage of this nice and painful hill to try to do some burning haha… this picture is in the middle of the hill and I took it because I was out of breath and about to die hahaha

Monica Iphone 367

I even made  some new acquaintances, this was the mom I think, I spotted the rest of the family later the dad and the baby,  I swear it looked like bambi, small and with the whites dots, so cute, didn’t have my phone in hand :(

Monica Iphone 385

But at the end I missed the city… who wouldn’t miss this neighborhood

Monica Iphone 373

The calm streets of New York City

Monica Iphone 374

Hahaha… hey at the end I have my little piece of haven one block away! I just need to buy me a boat and all will be perfect lol… I love this picture mother nature has the best filters ever…

Monica Iphone 117

Thanks for reading my instant and not so instant moments!! This is what have kept me sane, and keep me going, my family, my friends and the dream I have yet to accomplish,  the best is yet to come!!

Enjoy your summer, I’ll keep you post about mine, if I am not melted by the end….


All pictures are mine!! This is a first… copyrights! ©

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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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