Summer Sountracks!!

Hola, it’s hot!!

Monica Iphone 018

Lord, oh boy, we have not hit over the 90°F yet, but it feels like I am laying on top of a bbq, I come from a tropical weather, this should be normal to me but I think the reason of my heat desperation it’s because in my country we have some nice breeze and this humidity and sticky sweat you will only feel it in a beach area and even there you will have the ocean deliciousness breeze…. ohh heaven! But since I am living on an Island full of people and with no A/C, this heat is grilling me!

Anyway enough of my whining… suck it up princess!!

I have started to use Pandora, I know, I know everyone is using it and some probably already move to the next thing lol, but I got late to the Pandora thing, and I can only use the basics as now, which means I selected the stations that I like and then well I listen to music. ;)

I am obsess with this 60s, 70s and 80s Hits Radio, I love it, I love old music, I love the feeling of listen to it, I can’t explain it but let me try it, it is like if you are in your future, thinking about your past, childhood, adolescent, young adult thing, well you get the idea, and you kind of visualize it with those old soundtracks even if they don’t even belong to your existence… so weird but so nice!  Let me tell you something old music is sexy too…. oohhhh :X

Some of my summer soundtracks part 1:

Eyes of the Tiger!! hahaha Current state of mind!, I am starting a new project,  I am keeping my eyes on my goal and dream! Rising up straight to the top…. just a man (woman in this case) and her will to survive and conquers!!

I like the Rocky video, morning motivation!! lol

Oh baby where did our love go?…

I don’t worry because Mama said there will be days like this…..

Ahh the next one is so romantic and sexy!!  My boy!!!… Romance, romance, makes you want to have a summer love … Since I don’t know where our love went, and Mama said someone will look at me like I am looking at you one day…. should I wait or should I search, dilemma?

Maybe I can ask Mr. Postman to bring me one, although please I would like him local, long distance romance are hard to keep hehe

And in that case, won’t resist it, I can’t help it ;)

It has to be a Dream Lover!

Meanwhile let’s dance…

Ok this I heard it in Dirty Dance… we all want to dance sexy a la no one put baby on the corner…

Shake it ohh baby!!

That is the beauty of music, the one you remember the most are the ones that you love it, or the ones that are part of your generation meaning you grow up with it, even if you didn’t like certain songs they might have stayed in your memory. But there is an special group of songs that come up when you remember a certain passage, situation or period of your life, I don’t know if that only happens to me but sometimes I remember things in my life and a song will accompanied it, or sometimes it’s the opposite a song will bring all good and the not so good memories back to my mind! Amazing like a traveling machine!!

Back to your past, some inspire you to move forward to your future and the ones that makes you enjoy your present!

Let’s watch our lives thru our soundtracks… if you have yours and want to share I would love to listen to more music!

Thank for stop by, and reading well in this case listen to this lovely, sexy and relaxing music!

Take care, and keep enjoying summer and sweating under this heat!!


I hope youtube won’t take out the videos, otherwise this would be a very boring post hahaha… All videos from youtube, here the users 1. CinDrollic12 2. smydie 3. SirBasildeBrush 4.Wak Kasah 5. ticktock70 6. kindwolf1 7. Carlos Ivan 8. RoverTCB 9. farmkind1 10. mike8903·

About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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