From Sex and the City to The Dream and the City…



Haaa I fear that some people might get confuse with the title of this post lol…. not my intention…

How is everyone doing? I am following my latest trend, trying to make a post before the month is over lol… What a blogger I turn out to be!! There is something that I like about this end of the month post, is that I kind of do a mental review of my month, which can be a good thing, I can do adjustment in a month to month basis and not wait until the year is over lol…


July went flying, I was watching Sex and the City the movie the other night, and at the beginning of the Movie Carrie Bradshaw said “that most women in their 20’s come to New York City for two reasons, labels and love”… and I immediately started to think about why I came to New York, it was never in my plans or in my What will I do when I grow up.  I ended up here after a series of random events in my life, my sister came here way before me, she only stayed three months and she liked it, then I came for three months too maybe because she had somehow a good experience, mine wasn’t that good but I liked New York, but then our paths went so far away, I went all the way to home, Italy and Los Angeles before coming back.

DSC01019 (733x800)

As you can see, it wasn’t on my plans, during my first time here I did some research about some schools, I had a passion and a dream, I just didn’t know if it was possible to do it, that first time in New York made me believe that I could find a way. I discovered some options including the school I ended up going… But back  then a change of paths was scary, following a dream when you are in a different road is a tought decision, I was more incline to stay in my comfort zone, doing what I already knew. Even when your dream is calling you, you think you could start with little things, like testing the waters. I never thought at that moment of going all the way…. I was still considering doing an MBA, how I went from almost doing an MBA to NYC and fully jump into the pool of Journalism that is just the beauty of life!


Europe was my plan, Madrid had been my plan for so many years, when I was in Italy I felt closer, I remember talking by phone with one of the best business schools in Madrid, I had been accepted for an MBA years before but I couldn’t find the financial support back then, so I lost the admission, I tried again, and I asked them while in Italy what were the options, they thought I was a great candidate, but they wanted me to take test again, I took it the second time in my country and apparently I didn’t do as well as the first time…  All this things at that time felt like major setbacks, like how I got accepted and never  was able to do the fricking program…  Now that I look back I think WOW… it wasn’t meant to be, because it would have been me staying in that comfort zone… At the end it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, it wasn’t my dream!

large a

Back to Sext and the City, I didn’t come for the labels, or expensive brands for sure, you all know if you have read  some of my posts, I have struggled in this city to stay afloat, since the first day I almost sleep on the streets lol, and I am not exaggerating, what a fricking welcome!! On the other hand I’ve been blessed too, I have found people that have been angels in my life and that made all this experience and craziness possible, I am still fighting for my dreams because they took care of me when I needed it the most, some of them didn’t even know me when they helped me or gave me a hand, I tend to think that sometimes the world is so selfish, including me,  that we only think in us and our problems and our needs, but I have experienced that there is still hope, there is good and unselfish people around and that if we think of other we do can change lives!


After my not so welcoming episode, I went to live in the suburbs until I moved back to the city and started all this road, English School, then the New York Film Academy, what an experience, I met friends for life, I got out of my comfort zone and went for my dream, it has been by far the best thing I have done, and I found out that all my previous paths and the things that didn’t “workout” in the past lead me to this next chapter of my life… and here I am in New York City, still not looking for labels, I mean I want a good life for sure, but as now I want to keep working for my goal, I want to take this chance that not many people have, I want to do the best out of it… I don’t have a way to know what the future will bring, or how everything will unfold, but I have this precious reward of knowing that I went for my dream that I took the risk and I did, and I keep doing and will keep trying… this is what matter in life!


New York have some kind of magic, it does feel like you can do anything you want, I think the fact that it can be tough, expensive and it can drained you at times, but you still survive all… it make you feel stronger! Maybe that’s why you feel you can do anything lol… I love New York, I think our relationship was meant to be, it has made me stronger in so many levels, independent and I have experienced many thing that I never thought I would, after more than three years, there are places that I still have to visit, things that I still can do and people I can meet…


About the love part, well, I think when you are single and ready to mingle I think you will go for it no matter where you live or where you are… but well I won’t say the ladies in SATC got it right I meant their NY is very different to most people’s NY or at least to my, but in the love department, what I think you can relate on is that it’s complicated, and yes it doesn’t get easy with time, and yes some of their stories are kind of real… lol

It’s all fun, I liked the movie, probably because I liked the series too, and I do like chick flicks a lot, like ridiculously embarrassing a lot hahaha, I thought that at some point I would have taken the SATC tour, but I haven’t, maybe one day, could be fun… As now in regards of New York, I plan to get more personal and get to know the city more, and guess what…  I plan to show you my New York!!


Thank for reading, I know I have a serious “writing too much” problem lol… sorry about that, thank for your patience and for make it to the end!!

Feel free to share your NY experience, or the City where you live, I think all places have their own magic!!


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1 Response to From Sex and the City to The Dream and the City…

  1. Aleyda says:

    I love your blog, and it is so true NYC can be hard but is one of the best cities in the world.

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