Building memories that hearts will never forget!


Monica's pic camera 387

Sometimes in our lives
We all have pain, we all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there’s always tomorrow…

They said that times passes and memories fade, feeling and people changes but hearts never forget, that’s how the quote goes on… but I think we live moments that the hearts never forget! Sometimes the simple moments we might forget them but they build our character, strengthened us or just give us life!!

I’m building memories from those moments even from the simple ones, and sharing it with you along the way!!

August is here, perfect time for some of my July memories and moments captured in  pictures!

This was my fifth 4th of July in the U.S!! How about that…. For the past five years I have managed to be here during this day, four times in new York and one in Los Angeles hahaha… I know it’s kind of a random thing but also funny! I love firework, they are kind of magical, this year it was amazing but guess what I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers, just right before the fireworks my battery died and I forgot my camera at home… Anyways, you will only get my face with this kind of attempt to have a fashion catwalk face!! lol

image (10)

So since I realized that I have left what I needed the most at that time, my camera, I decided I wasn’t going to worried about it so I did enjoy the day and relaxed, I thought about the future, but I was thankful for my present!


I was tempted to start dancing after seeing this lady…

image (11)

But not dancing… I Just lied on the grass and dream about life, family and love… hahaha

image (5)

I guess age have gotten to me… I am getting old!! I found this store with party things, and found this funny thing, just what I needed as a remainder… go figure!

old lady

But then I said whatever, I did a throw back Thursday from not so long ago… and I still can rock the peace and love sign so that have to mean something, lol Yes… We are youuuung!! Peace yo!


I started a new project a new step in my journey, I’m doing an internship at a website company, it has been an interesting experience, I will probably post about it later. But I was happy to see my little nightmare… oh my God, this program made me suffer so much at the beginning hahaha…. but I conquered you Final Cut!! Now it’s nice to see you again and play with you! We both make good stories!

Monica Iphone 071

The neighbors near the office building… I have never smoke hookahs, I don’t smoke at all, and I never really wanted to tried not my thing I guess, I used to go out a lot, and one of the Clubs we went a couple of times have hookahs in every table as requested, but I have never seem them in such an open environment…

Monica Iphone 073

But this is New York!! And you have to love it, here you can do whatever you want to… This is the city where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can’t do!! That’s what Alicia Keys and Jay Z have told us…  So if you are in a romance mood,  stop by Union Square and this guy will write a poem if you ask him… ;/ See nothing you can not do!!

Monica Iphone 102

This city is crazy… or maybe is the summer, we were under a heat wave that affected many cities in the U.S and probably the heat was too much for some of us, so in order to survive the streets nothing better tha a good cold tea… I tried one at Starbuks but let me tell you, not my favorite, in fact it was awful, it was a mix of peach and lemon and don’t know what else, at least it was cold…

Monica Iphone 096

And as the heat wave was hiting us hard…

Monica Iphone 031

I stopped trying new beverages and got a simple but  refreshingly yummy peach tea, my favorite!! Just what I needed to survive the ovens I meant the subway stations, which during summer are the same thing!!!

Monica Iphone 081

But as everything in life move on… we went from a heat wave to a normal hot summer… And I had a sudden need to do some décor at my place lol, this is not my skill but I tried and after more than two years in my tiny little apartment I added some art wall, what do you think? The one down looks like it needs some adjustment :/

Monica Iphone 116

July is an special month, it’s my nephew birthday, he turned six years old!! My big boy… My last picture with him was in an airport and he was three years old back them… it sounds like nothing but ohh my God, how much I have missed and how much I miss him, I love you to the moon and back my little man!!

Monica Iphone 147

It was a super hero celebration theme, guess what? I don’t have to worried anymore, watch out everyone, I have super Heroes that will defend me, so don’t mess up with me, you don’t want to face Iron Man and Captain America lol… The cutest thing!!

Monica Iphone 118

You have to love Iron Man’s socks hahaha I guess he was in a hurry to defend the world he forgot his shoes… My two little angels, my nephews, my family, my love and my all!! The ones I lean on…

Lean on me when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on
For it won’t be long
‘Til I’m gonna need somebody to lean on…

This is what matters to me, the simple moments, the long distance celebrations and the daily memories that keep me going!!

Thank for reading and stopping by, feel free to share your favorite moments or memories! These are my instant moments… if you want you can follow on Instagram; @monicajherrera or Twitter @MonikJHerrera!

 Take care and enjoy this nice summer days!!


All pictures are mine.© 


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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