Motivation Monday… conquering this week!

Hello y’all!!

It’s Monday yayyy…. well maybe not yeyy lol… For  most of us Monday it’s not the easiest day, the transition for weekend mode to get up and do things mode is not the smoothest one sometimes..

I’ll start my week with the best possible mind-set! Focus, faith and fun is the week mood!

I guess my dreams are big enough, they scare the hell outta me lol… Let’s conquer this world, one day at a time and goal at a day!


A new day and a new week, a clean sheet to start all over gain or keep writing what we want to! Every day it’s a new Today!!

every day

Which means that we have a new Today to try to be better than yesterday! Work it :)


But the week has five plus the weekend are seven days, a lot of time with the act of faith that we will wake up everyday there is plenty of chances to live the unexpected, miracles happens all the time!


Sometimes, the unexpected can scare us, but it can lead us to great adventures!

large b

I’m planning to immortalize mine, even if are the simple things and the most common thing that’s what makes this life the greatest adventure of all…. I said it, I am taking my old pink camera and I will shoot!


I won’t hide even if I am tempted sometimes, It’s time to shine!


I’ve gained so much weight in the past months and yes I’ve been hiding from the flashes lol, my clothes don’t fit me, so sometimes I am so conscious of my weight and forget that every shape is beautiful and it does not defined us!


Although every one is different in my case, this overweight it’s not healthy, my body recent it, I can feel it, and my health feels it too, so we have to break up!…  And I  need to start eating healthier and to do some kind of excercise, no pain no gain right?. And that can also help me to break up with my other lover; Stress!!


I hate gyms, and exercise overall, I played basketball almost half of my life, and that it’s the only workout I ever did, I went once to the gym for like two months, I ended up sick, I am not blaming the gym, but I guess I my mind associated the gym with that episode hehe (Excuses, excuses) lol but I started a plan a couple of months ago, healthy eating and some Zumba…. but I stopped, because I am lazy, no excuses there, I haven’t been able to find a free sport to do here in NY so I decided I will start running, it’s time to suck it up and be a big girl!! This week goal it’s to start running, I probably will start walking a bit fast and then move to the running part… at least is something hehe


They said, change the way you think and your way of life will change… or something like, that, I have the power to change my world.


To create my own story, summer it’s almost over, I still have things to do, to keep writing my summer story.


I still can take advantage of some beach time, I haven’t seen a beach in like forever… so this weekend I’ll try to catch up…


And of course some laugh it’s part of healthy week and healthy lifestyle… smile and laugh as much as possible it’s the goal of every day…

minion gif

You know what they say, a smile is the best accessory for a woman, so I’ll try to smile as much as possible!


I’m taking care of my other blog, Sports in High Heels, that makes me smiles, the European Football seasons are starting this week which means the fun begging and now we’ll see the handsome players more often… wohooo, see I am smiling!


I am leaving you with an eye candy!! Zidane as part of Real Madrid coaching team… he is a Football legend, one of the best that have ever play this sport, but I guess you will agree with me, hello, handsome much!!! Looking forward to this season ;)


Thanks for reading my motivation wall for this week, I am determinate to be a better me, at least I’ll try!!

large 2


Pictures from we it and Real Madrid official Facebook!


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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