It’s a Throwback Thursday (#TBT) kind of post; A day in the Zoo!

Hello hello!!


I hope everyone is having a good week, mine it’s going, not so well on my to do list, but well piano piano as my Italian friends will say, which means, step by step!

If you are familiar with the social media sites as I think you most probably are, you know about #TBT, but if you are not, I’ll explain, sites like Twitter or Instagram, have their own languages,  #TBT is a hashtag that means Throwback Thursday, is a day when you post a picture or information from the past, is a “throwback” to an earlier time and  you want to share it with the whole internet world. Of course you have to post it on Thursday, and add a #tbt in the post, well you can post pictures from your past on other days too, I mean you can do whatever you want it’s your account but people usually call it something else, like Friday flashback, just Throwback something like that… it’s a fun way to get to know past things from your friend that you probably don’t know hehehe

I actually really like this TBT thing, I like to post old pictures, primary because my new ones are non-existence (Told you I’ve been a bit camera-shy) and also because it’s always a nice way to bring old and fun memories back… And of course everyone does it, which means that yes I follow the masses lol

About one computer ago I experienced a  Carrie Bradshaw SATC moment when her computer was damaged and she lost all… well I lost almost all, I did have some of the pics in  my camera and in previous files, but sadly I lost a lot of my pictures, they gave me a DVD but I can not even opened that… so well nowadays I try to backup everything wherever I can!.


I was posting my TBT on my Twitter and Instagram, which btw you can feel lucky, you saw it first here in a previous post, but anyways I thought about doing a Throwback Thursday blog  post today…  I might do it once in a while, will be a good way to show you some of my past adventures -the few ones I still have evidence of-and at the same time, I can use the blog as a third type of backup thing just in case this baby doll aka my computer decides to crash my life! ;/ (sooo dramatic!). But see I think about everything! (lightbulb on!)

So here is my  Throwback Thursday! TBT

This past July was my third year anniversary in New York, I know I have such a poor track of dates, I totally forgot… Anyways that’s not the point, a few week after landing here for the second time, the family friends I was staying with took me to the Queens Zoo, which I didn’t even know existed lol. Most tourist will go to the Bronx Zoo which is incredible popular and big I think (I haven’t visited yet ;/) but was a great surprise to explore this Zoo in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park in Queens, it’s a fun activity, a reminder that we are not alone in this world lol and it’s a nice way to get outdoors and relax for a while!


Oh Em Gee… I don’t even recognize myself, and if you see me now you probably wouldn’t either hehe… That was three years ago, I am still gorgeous (and modest of course) but I definitely moved from curve to round-ish shape hehe… (And I remember I was complaining that day because my jeans were tighter than usual… I take it back * cry face*)

Oook enough whining and now it’s all about doing! Back on TBT, the day was great, the weather was nice and the Zoo was great too, it’s very user-friendly. There are maps, so you won’t get lost, it might not be the Bronx Zoo but i’s  huge!!


And along the way you will find a clear image of who you will meet next! (Dating should be like this… just saying!)


I met so many nice animals that day! Lovely !!… I’ll introduce them to you; first in my route was the American Alligator, they seem so nice and calm who will say that they can have you for dinner… and talking about thick skin when dating lol

You know that this handsome is one of only two species  in the world, that’s what I call the ultimate bachelor!!


The Duckies!



The Zoo is like a park,  with nice bridges and wood seats, very natural…


While taking a break, the place is big, I practiced selfie skills with my pink camera, (no IPhone back then for me) I haven’t gotten any better lol

DSC01461 DSC01458

I wanted to look nice to meet the next one on the route… The Puma, long time ago they were wanted in like the most wanted thing, because they were viewed  as threats  to livestock, ranchers were able to kill them without many restrictions, even the government paid hunters for every one of this sleeping beauties they will kill… not anymore, now apparently the day was a lazy day for many of them!


This reminds me to my Sundays lol… I think this was Papa Bear!!


Even the California Sea Lions was taking a break, I saw him later, but honestly I wanted to jump into his house, it looks so fresh and relaxing!


I took another break too…  apparently I really loved my bag, base on how I was holding it lol


The Zoo is so nice, it doesn’t smell like I thought it would be… I have a sensitive nose, I can smell everything… not a good thing sometimes, but the Zoos here are very clean and more like a park than a real animal place. I loved the Pines, looked so Christmas! :)




This are tiny eggs lol


After my break we went to see the Zoo’s aviary, is a geodesic dome, meaning a spherical or partial-spherical shell where all the birds live.




The Owl looks like an old men. Wiser…



Later we continued meeting more friends, The Coyote; Built to hunt…. scary!


This is some type of Buffalo, I don’t remember well…


Finally we met an American Legend, the Bald Eagle which is a Symbol of the USA, he kind of ignored me when I was posing with him for the picture (here) but he looks so elegant!!


The Zoo is big I can’t post all pictures, but we saw more animals and then we went to an area where you will find the animals like the ones you might have or find in a ranch!


They are a little bit smelly… I didn’t enjoy that much this part of the Zoo, they smell bad, so if you have a sensitive nose like mine be aware…


But it so worth it, they are so friendly and cute, you can even feed them if you want to, you buy the food there for a few cents, and they will eat from your hand!


I have to confess, I couldn’t do it hahaha… I got so nervous, I tried and I kept throwing the food on the floor, because it was mix of nervousness with yaki feeling hahaha, but it was fun and they are really nice, for kids is like perfect.  As you can see he was not happy with me, couldn’t feed him….


I definitely enjoy the Zoo, love the animals, I know they are not in their element and well they will be better in their natural habitat, but the world is crazy, some of them are in danger of extinction so this might be a safe home for them…


And some of them look like they enjoy their home. I leave you with this picture below, I love it, every time I see it is like he is telling me, what up girl ;)! lol  That’s the attitude!!!


That was my adventure in the Zoo, I think we couldn’t see all in one day, but it was a great experience, they all are so cute and it was a humbling experience too, how many and how different species we live in this world!

Hope you enjoy my TBT… if you want to leave a comment feel free! Thanks for reading as always!!


Pictures all mine ©.  Yes guilty of the bad ones too!


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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