We must sail to reach a port…

Hello y’all!!

New York can be breath-taking sometimes!!

iphone 101

Summer is leaving us… this past weeks the weather has been a combination of summer telling us I am almost done and Fall telling hey I am about to show up… wow, it went fast although we are still having some warm and humidity days!!

This year,  summer has been a bit quiet for me, but I have been able to enjoyed it in my own quiet way! But I’m planning to ending it loud lol… And to get started last Friday I went to a boat party, having the East and the Hudson river in each side, boat parties or rides are very popular in Manhattan, they are a nice way to tour the city with a nice view. I went twice last year one was my surprise birthday party, I have enjoyed it each time, it’s a nice way to get close and personal with the city, you kind of feel like you are watching it from the outside but in an intimate and amazing way!

It always makes me think about my time in the City, about all the adventures, the nice, the romantic moments and also the struggles, but with some kind of nostalgic and hopeful feeling! If you are visiting be aware you might fall in love of this breath-taking views…

“To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”  — Franklin D. Roosevelt

So let’s sail for a while!!

I was ready to take off,  this year not dizziness like previous boat parties last year lol, I think now I am ready to own a boat!!

iphone 074

Of course music is a must, it’s like having a soundtrack while you are living your own movie!

iphone 076

iphone 078

Once you get on board, you have to wait until all people gets on board before  the trip starts, while waiting I started to immortalize the moment lol… I haven’t been out as much as I used to, the past six month I have been in a more relax stay home kind of mood, I have been camera-shy as I mentioned before, but no more hiding, it was time to shine and rise!!  And to have some fun with the girls!

iphone 080

iphone 084

And minutes later we were sailing! (Kind of… lol). The boat was  smaller than the previous ones, so it was packed, everyone was in the front trying to enjoy and take pictures of the amazing view of the city!

iphone 088

iphone 089

My hair is sooo long that I think I’m the burnet version of Rapunzel lol… I live in a second floor apartment so I guess I will only need a couple of more months and no more stairs!!

iphone 090

The wind is amazing but trying to keep the balance that is the challenge lol, I don’t drink but in that boat I looked like my happy hour was more a hilarious hour lol… Anyways, since the ride starts around  7:00-ish pm you have the chance to see all the beautiful colors thorough the sunset, going from all white and clear, to some blues and orange glazes, and then back to a baby blue…

iphone 091

iphone 093

To turn into a blue-ish or into a purple, the colors changed with the sunset and it is just beautiful, God is an artist!! The colors are the perfect background of this dreaming view!

iphone 094 iphone 107

And then you have the City right in front, the beautiful Manhattan with all its tall building and the million lights, and the many people, dreams, romances and the craziness!

iphone 112

Yes you want to take pictures from all angles and all poses!

iphone 118

iphone 124

After having that breath-taking kind of moment while trying to maintain balance and avoid loosing your phone in the river, the boat took us to visit the sexy lady, The Statute of Liberty! What a Symbol, when we were heading there the sun was living us and you could see her first with a mix of colors as a background but when we got close then it’s just the lady with all her lights!

iphone 134   iphone 141

Then is only darkness and the city, but you have a feeling of appreciation, gratitude and just happiness to be alive and enjoy this moments!!

iphone 146

Since everything goes dark outside it’s time to take the party inside and dance all off while keeping your balance, it’s funny you laugh all the time!

 iphone 149 iphone 152

The lady performed some kind of belly dance, with a mix of Brazilian moves, was interesting and fun though, then we try to follow her lead, I think we had really good moves!!

 iphone 160

By the end, through the window you can see that you are heading back which means the ride is almost over, but again almost every time you sneak peek thru the windows in between rocking the dance floor it’s always a nice view!

iphone 153 iphone 168

And then we got back to port, with the feeling that we just witness some magic, but also with the feeling that we just created a new summer adventure!

Different tours offer this boat rides or parties, you can take boat tours, this one is not a tourist style is more a party style,  a lot of clubs promoters organized this to bring the party to the river and enjoy the summer weather, but if you don’t know any promoter there are many companies that offers parties on boats almost every day of the week.  So if you are here in New York you can put it in your list of must things to do!! lol


Thanks for reading, I am still sailing to reach my port, no with dizziness but with the confident that I will get there, I just need to keep sailing!! Feel free to share any comment!

Pictures are all mine!! ©

P.S Some of the pictures are a bit blurry it was hard to take them and keep the balance at the same time lol.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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2 Responses to We must sail to reach a port…

  1. Love the photo of pinks/reds in the sky. Next time come boating on Long Island. Excellent post, thanks for sharing

    • Monica says:

      Thank you for reading it! I was amazed by all the colors, last time it wasn’t like that, I know the pinks/reads are so nice!… I def will put it in my to do list for sure, next one will be in Long Island.

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