And the word today was Esteem

Hola Hola!!


Today was one of those days, when I woke up and thought, what am I doing here?… I hope everyone have those type of days once in a while haha or I will feel kind of weird, but it was one of those days when the strength is not that strong, when the faith is there but needs to be reinforce and when the wiliness to keep going is really a challenge… today was one of those days when I missed everything, my family, my comfort zone, and even the most ridiculous and selfish things like wearing my high heels or wearing nice working clothes instead of walking in comfortable shoes, today was one of those days that you just tried to do your best!

God have ways to show you around sometimes, early morning I was all grumpy, and then just a message made me smile, (ahh romance is in the air, well kind of lol)… but then I went to class as I am supposed to and during the class a word was a subject of some kinf of a deep conversation, the Word Esteem, as if we were in pre school, some of us went to the board to write a sentences with that word, is part of practicing our vocabulary and grammar… -see I am trying to improve my grammar… yes I am trying lol-


Anyways the exercise lead us to the world Self Esteem and that was an interesting conversation, how you measure your self esteem, how you measure your self respect, our teacher said something very interesting, been able to look in the mirror and know that you are really doing what your set to do, that you recognized your talents, your dreams and goals and that you are using them to get to where you want to go that gives you self respect and therefore self esteem… you can agree or not… But some goals are work in progress and you are trying to get there, but what I found more interesting was that despite the circumstances, my talents are there and I should be using them no matter the excuses. I guess you can or can not agree with that idea, but I think the more you look in the mirror and see that you are trying but really trying and using all your talents, you get that feeling of accomplishment you might not be even close to your goals, but you feel that you by doing you are living up to your talents, which ever they are…


It’s easy sometimes just go with the flow or accept what we think are limitations as excuses… Of course there are elements that we can not control, but I am guilty of taking them as an excuse for not looking ahead of that… and I consider myself a positive and drive person, but I guess as today showed me I am human too.

I hope I won’t sound repetitive in my post, I have mentioned something similar before, but the point today was yes the concept we were talking was totally relate to me, but also was the timing, I woke up not in the best mood, but now I know I can’t use it as an excuse for not using my talents, I think what I am trying to say it’s that everyday I should be able to look in the mirror and say hey somehow, somewhat I did something that I enjoy, and I might still be in a long run to my goal, but every step is a step closer, every talent I use I get closer to my dream!


Also part of the conversation was that sometimes is not only about excuses, but also about what surrounds you, like the people that is around you, sometimes even your friends wont want you to succeed because that remind them that they haven’t done what they dream of doing, and I totally agreed not only because it makes sense but because I have seeing it and lived it myself, very few people will truly be happy for your successes and few people will want to see you on top of the mountain and that is a human reality, but acknowledging that is what can make the difference, knowing that you will meet different people and you will call them friend, but I guess the key is to know who will be in the few.

I’ve been blessed to have a family that supports me and have made all in their possibilities for me to walk this journey and they keep doing it I know for sure that my success makes them proud, and that is my gift from God! … But I also realized that sometimes other people can influence our path, sometimes maybe not enough to get us out if it, but to distract us or to make this whole ride less enjoyable… The fraise, “We have to be realistic” can be powerful sometimes when you are facing struggles and when you don’t see the how… but also the fraise “Keep going, you’ll make it”. Choosing friends is as responsible as been chosen as a friend, and it goes both ways….


What I am trying to say maybe not in the best way it’s that we not only need to have faith, the courage and the commitment to go for our dreams, we have to make sure that our friends and the people we choose to walk this journey with us is people that won’t take us down and if for some reason I already have those type of people in my life, it’s good to know that there are moments when I am allow to look only for myself, not in a selfish way but in a way that the only competition is me, and in a way that if I think is possible, well I should be the one that prove it right or wrong and not to anyone but to myself!

I laugh in my class because my teacher is funny and he made our mornings more enjoyable, but also I realized that God have ways to send me messages exactly in the right moments and targeting the right buttons!


I won’t say that I was suddenly all happy, I mean I am human, but I was definitely hopeful… and to think that it was just an English class lol…

Let’s keep going, realizing who is walking with us but also making sure that we are walking with them too… the Mountain is big and there is space for all of us at the top! But for now let’s jump into this big ocean called life!


Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any comment if you got to this point lol didn’t read it all it’s ok you still can comment if you want to!


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