From the Seaport to the undergrounds! All fun!!

Hola y’all!!

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Hope you are having a great weekend and the ones here in the U.S are enjoying the long weekend,  today is Labor day which means vacation day!! At least for most people and no school for moa!! Can’t express how happy I was or maybe I can… Wohoooo!! lol

Labor day kind of marks the end of the summer :(… buuu, and I have not gone to the beach, can you believe that, no sun, pale skin! That’s no bueno… the only sand I saw was last weekend when my friend from Journalism school came to work in her project, she is making an interesting Documentary about violence against journalists and the importance of freedom of the press to a free, democratic state, the name is Uncensored.

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It was so nice to see her again, she lives in Washington DC, I remember when I started at NYFA, you know first days are kind of awkward and mine was complicated due a series of money issues and my admission process but at lunch she said hey you want to have lunch together, I guess both beings Latins made sense lol

I couldn’t have lunch that day because of my issues but then while she was at school we were lunch buddies lol… She visited us once in a while, but not as often and I haven’t been able to make a trip there, so when she said she was coming to work on her Documentary, a drink and a catch up was needed!

So we headed to the Seaport, it’s one of the nicest places in New York City, specially during summer, I went during the night so I’ll show you how it is at night, during the day it’s more alive, full of people,  tourist, kids, stores, restaurants and fun!!

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Iphone 091 Iphone 092 Nights are fun too, just a different fun, if you are not into bars and just want to hang up there, during summer most parks will have movie nights under the stars lol… it’s very romantic, or not depending your company ;). The seaport is not the exception, it’s a nice way to spend a night out in full relax mode…

Iphone 087  Iphone 084 Iphone 088

Just bring your blanky, some snacks, and there you have it, front row movie night…. but what I like about the seaport it’s that you also have some other interesting options, the view there is amazing, the boats are so unique too, they look like pirates boats lol…

Iphone 100  Iphone 094

If you feel more kind of adventurer, there is this trampoline thing that I have always wanted to do… I will do it one day I just have to stop being a chicken and become a ruster lol… meaning I should just do it!

Iphone 096

Anyways since I was there to catch up with friends… There is a nice bar the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club they said it’s one of the hottest NYC bars during the season, because obviously is located at the seaport, you have the view and this bar it’s a very unique one. But as many places in NYC, you will have to go throughout a kind of dumpster to get in lol… it smells bad, like fish and garbage but that’s ok, that’s NYC one side a nice beautiful place, and look the other side and a not so pretty looking place!

Iphone 102

Iphone 103

Once you made it throughout the smelly alley, then you’ll see it was worth it, the reason why this Bar is popular, it’s because you have two types of bars in the same place, one is a kind of normal one facing the sea with the  Brooklyn bridge in front of you and a nice atmosphere…

Iphone 104 Iphone 114

Iphone 109

And then at the end you will have this beach style Bar, you will walk in the sand and feel like you are in the middle of the beach without leaving the city, I think is cool. Maybe because that was my first sand walking during all year lol

Iphone 105 Iphone 107 So it’s a nice place for after work, tourist like to visit, I won’t give you a review or something like that cause I didn’t have any drinks or food, and the beach style bar I think you have to either have a promoter to get a table or have reservations, but you can still walk around and take pictures with the view, you can google to see the reviews… sorry about that!

Iphone 110

Since I had already walk on sand I felt it was a mission accomplished, I still need beach though… :(, but the night was young so they decided to change scenarios, and we went from a beach style bar to an underground kind of NYC style.. and was literary underground lol….

Iphone 116 Iphone 120

I mentioned before how obsessed I am with 60s, 70s, and 80s music I even posted a play list, and what was my surprise the DJ was playing most my new music obsession, I love it!! We got there early, wasn’t that crowed which was great we really enjoy the music! And did you see the disco ball… how cool is that!

Iphone 125 Iphone 127

I was so happy with the disco ball…. I know most clubs have them but usually they have a light engineers with a bunch of other type of lights so you will get dizzy sooner lol, so this one kind of reminded me to my Quinceaños, my sweet fifteen, so silly…

I had a great night, but after a while it got crowed, and it was time for the old soul to leave the place… the music was more mainstream by that point.

Steph was headed back to NJ where she was staying so I told her to leave me close to the subway, and after I got out of the car I realized that I wasn’t that close, you know walking in Soho after 1:00 am it’s kind of creepy lol… I made it to the station though safe and happy!

Iphone 132

I enjoyed the night out, catching up, and laughing with good friends, I have met nice people that I called my friends, and it’s always inspiring seeing someone with drive and passion to accomplish a goal, I wish her all success and I am waiting to see the final result of her Documentary.

Check the Trailer of Uncensored, you can find out more information about it in the website

Thank you for reading and enjoy New York with me, feel free to comment it’s a nice way to meet!


All pictures are mine ;/ ©


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