Embracing my role as a leading lady in my own movie!!

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September is here and summer is leaving us, how fast time flies it’s just beyond me, we really  have to be awake and ready to take advantage of each day, otherwise we might feel like  we are front row spectators…

I love new months, they made me feel like new chances, new miracles and new possibilities are coming, but also I feel like, now, what can I keep doing or what can I do that I didn’t do on last month to get closer to the people I love, my personal grow and to my dream and professional goal.

That’s why I like this post of kind of end of the month but starting a new month, I see some of my moments and think, what I was thinking?!! lol…. or in most cases I feel like I wasn’t an spectator, at least I tried to be the leading lady in my own movie.

“This is not a hard one to figure out. Iris, in the movies we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason you are behaving like the best friend.” (From the movie The Holiday”)

And I am not the best friend, I am trying to be the leading lady and the strong woman that conquers all!!

So let me share some of those moments with you! My Instant moments of August!

My month started with a funny discover, or I can say a funny confirmation, my sister usually says that I am sometimes obsessive compulsive, but this wipes gave me the perfect answer! I am compulsive Awesome!! Laugh at life and with life that’s the key to a long happy one… that’s what they say!

Monica Iphone 155

I love how in the middle of this craziness that is New York sometimes you can find places with complete quietness and an atmosphere that make you feel like, ye,s it’s all crazy, but relax you are still sane lol…  This was a Throwback Thursday to one of those calm and beauty summer nights in my city!

Monica Iphone 156

I love the City and its life, I used to go out at nights a lot, if you think the day it’s crazy, some nights here are wild, but I do love having my risky, wild Friday nights, with Netflix as my hot day, and some Cheetos as my secret sin… lol

iphone 047

As you could see base on some of my previous post, I’ve been enjoying my dates at home, just relaxing with Tom Cruise, he is not my type, but Top Gun is a classic, never fails to make me smile, those were good times… lol Oldies but goodies.

iphone 053

But despite my amazing laziness skills, I do have to go out and live… buuu.. which in New York means a lot of walking from one place to another, I mean maybe not a lot, but after being comfortable in my bed, even a blocks feel like twice longer lol… so when I saw this type of motor scooter in the post office I said this should be my next investment!!!

iphone 034

Then I thought I also want a boat, so I better win the lottery very soon…. I mean nothing beats the wind when you are in a boat… And let me tell you this Charlie’s Angels as someone in twitter called us (:)) know how to rock the city!

iphone 119

Simple times, chillin times, relaxing moments and of course the parties once in a while are all a mechanism to cope and get ready for the real world, where everything is crazy, fast and everything and anything can happen, where bite nails are a common thing when you least expected… Yes, I am talking about the real world; Football Season!!!… or Soccer new season…  sooo happy!!

Iphone 003 Iphone 005

It means, the competitions are back, the excitement and the run to be the next champion started and of course the handsome players are back!! All tan and sexy like Zinedine Zidane!


Yes ladies that is a well preserve eye candy!! lol… if you want to see or read some more of my sports rambling mostly soccer, you can visit my Sports in High Heels blog

I love sports as you know, so when I found this picture of my first ever tennis game I felt like hopeful, one day it won’t be only a dream it will be part of my life! I was a little way way up lol but I could see and I enjoyed watching two legends making their thing for the fans, it was a Sampras-Agassi exhibition match at the MSG!

Iphone 004

Ahh nice memories! I was thinner… motivation moment!

Once I wrote in this blog that the first time I was in New York my sense of style was kind of lost, then back in my country was a more relax, corporate or lazy kind of, but I was determinate to take some risk and start you know looking into fashion and I started to play with it… Now I enjoy following bloggers and see what the brands are working for each seasons, my favorite color is blue, but some times I let my girly pinkalicious girl just fly away, I found this babies in Marshall they are comfortable, were cheap and I just loved the color… not exactly a fashion statement but hey it’s summer, this color will keep trending during fall…

Iphone 031

In my attempt to conquer the fashion world of course I have used what someone who currently stage is living in a control budget uses lol. I have submitted membership for many of the accessible sites that sells trendy products but with affordable prices.  And Guess what? I got an email from Just Fab, the online store with accessible prices and trendy styles, Kimora Simons is part of the company they even have a reality… Anyways I was a member but even in my unwanted control budget I haven’t  had been able to buy a thing there, but they had this great promotion for customers like me, meaning that we are members but haven’t tried or buy any products yet, they gave me free shoes, there was a select groups of shoes that I could get for free and I just had to paid the shipping like $5.00 and voilà, I found this soo fall boots…. I think you can imagine what my face was, hello yeah it was all happy like this :)

Iphone 148 Iphone 153

I have to see how it is, if is worth it to keep investing there… but I was thankful for having my new boots. I am going to places let me tell you!!

And this runs in the family, you want to see my little model? ;), my baby nephew he is six and he has done some modeling for small things, but this was a big poster, the greatness or craziness is in our blog… lol!! He laugh and say I just smile aunty!!

iphone 069

I guess that’s the key we just have to smile, and the people will see through our hearts, if is good they will see greatness, passion compassion and a growing faith, if we are down, we should not worry, we have God, who will lead us and hold us close to his heart and that is the best gift of all… I know that no matter what, I will fly like the eagle and I will rise again!

Iphone 018

I’m the leading lady in my movie, I will keep going, I will keep building every chapter and every frame, so when I see it I will see how I fall, but how I rise, lead and fly every time!

Life is beautiful, but it’s also difficult at times, or we make it difficult, I find it hard to be patient sometimes, but knowing that I have a safety zone, like my family, friends and specially my Faith in God it’s what made this whole adventure a beautiful ride!!

And because love if what keep lifting up higher and higher I leave you with my August soundtrack of my ongoing movie!!

Thanks for reading, flying with me and be part of my movie!! Let me know what’s your movie about?


P.S; if you want to follow my instant  moments, this is my Instagram @monicajherrera :)

Pictures are mind, and video from YouTube strictlyOldies


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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