Fashion Capsule; Cozy Fall Jackets!

Hello y’all!!

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It that time of the year, when the sun is starting to leave us early in the day, yes summer is gone… at least until next year, and although I love summer dresses, sunny days, BBQs and getting burned under the sun, what  I won’t miss is the feeling of melting under the heat, and the sweaty days lol… Oook give me the winter, and yes I will miss all that even the melting thing!!

We are in this nice chilly transition, when a blanket, a tea and Netflix is a perfect date!!! I love Autumn or fall whatever you want to call it, it’s one of my favorite seasons, it means the holidays are around the corner, it’s time to cozy up, perfect time for cuddling if you have a significant other, or well,  pillows are good to cuddle too lol…

Summer has a more adventurous feeling, whereas fall has a more yeah let’s keep enjoying and discovering the world, but with a bunch of warm, comfy, cushy clothes…

I thought of doing some posts about some of my favorite old and new trend during this fall so here we go! In reality is my wish list… If you saw my previous “fashion” attempt post about my evolution with outfits you will see my black Jacket, I used it a lot and with different combinations, which lead me to my first fall trend: The Jacket!!

Fall Jackets!!

Fall Jackets!

Fall Jackets! by monikaht featuring a fuschia pink blazer

They are the perfect transition, when the weather is getting cold, but not cold enough for a coat, they are a chic and sexy complement too, sometimes a jacket is more an accessory that a piece of clothing!

The good thing about jackets and blazers, it’s that there are so many styles, some of this year trends are; of course the leather jacket, which it’s always in, the denim one is so comfy, simple but chic too with dresses or a simple t-shirt, those are classics, like the black blazer, but what I love about this year trends is the bright colors or pastel color in jackets and blazers, they are not regular colors during this seasons, but it’s refreshing to have them and fun at the same time!

Now it’s all bout mixing and matching, or not matching which is something that I like, leather sleeves with a regular jacket, the high school varsity style, and the details, like big buttons, not buttons, patterns or prints… Again they are a perfect complement! I wish I can have them all lol….

Fall Jackets 2

I mean I know I am not discovering the jackets, just giving to you and to me some ideas on how to cozy up with them during this fall, every year we have the always in trend jackets, but I also like to see what is new or how they re-invent something old to make it trendy…. I don’t follow trends all the time, but some of this jackets are just too cute and fun!!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about my wish list or tell me which ones are your favorites!!


Pictures 1. mine ©!… 2. I made it in my  Polyvore, 3. I made the collage with pinterest picture. If you want you can follow my Pinterest.


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