October my today… bye September!

Hello corazones! ♥

oct gif

Yes indeed is October 2nd!

I have the chance to experience seasons now, which is something cool, I always admire how the weather changes when it supposed to, we are moving from hot temperatures to more chilly getting cold type of weather which is amazing just to be able to  see it and experience!

September is gone, thank God, was not one of my favorite months, I complicated myself, yes alone… how about that lol…  But I won’t be ungrateful, I am alive and that is the most amazing miracle, every day I woke up and yes it is very hard sometimes to navigate this world mostly thanks to this annoying habit I have gotten into of trying to live in the future which is unknown and at the end I can’t live it,  so that messes up my mind, body and it stresses me out, which let’s face it, is stupid… :/

october 3

I know that we only have the present,  so October is my today, and my only moment, this is my October attitude!! I’ll break a bad habit with a good habit!

As I have been doing  during the past months, I will look back just for one second, just as a remainder that no matter how hard I thought this past month was, I was blessed, I lived great moments, I was healthy and  therefore now I am stronger!

A few of my September instant moments!

I like to laugh, I should do it more often, they said that is the key to keep it simple, positive and be healthy in mind and body… I started September with a funny attitude! This statement is probably so true lol, and they know it :)

Iphone 183

You probably remember from the post about the seaport and my friend Steph visiting, it’s always inspiring seeing someone going and working hard for their dreams and goals, a good remainder for me to keep going, always keep going no matter what and of  course there is always time to have fun in the process…  It was all about the Latinas Power, yes representing!! lol

Iphone 041

What I like about an English school full of international students is that there is always a chance to experience something new. We have this food parties as I called them once in a while, when we all bring food from our countries and we do a little traveling around the world through tasting all this delish food!! I ate Brazilian cheese bread or Pao de Queijo, Colombian empanadas, Sushi, Mexican tacos, Pizza… etc… One word delicious!!

Iphone 074

I love that in New York you will meet people from everywhere, so many cultures and flavors, and all under one city and one sky,  which is a piece of art sometimes, you can see that it was about to pour cats and dogs, it was only 1:00 pm lol…

Iphone 068

But after the storm the sun will always shine!! So I will keep walking…


We walk a lot in NY lol… Which is a good thing, but sometimes I wish I could have my car, when I saw this mini I thought this would be perfect for me and for my New York, see something else to add to the things I’ll buy ;) (Lottery come to me please!)

Iphone 096

People inspire me, and the beach soccer national team from my country is just a group of men that have inspired not only me but an entire nation, they come from a very humble and poor area, they are fisherman from very very low incomes, but they love their nation and they made what most people would have thought was impossible, last Beach Soccer World Cup, they made it to semifinals, and this year they were dreaming and make everyone dream of getting even further, it couldn’t be, but their commitment was just heart touching, their training is very early in the mornings, and they travel long distances without any support from the government, and they believe they could get to a WC and they believed they could go big and they did which was amazing to watch, they were eliminated in quarterfinals this year, but we couldn’t be any more proud of them!! They have shown us that everything is possible with effort, passion but also with sacrifices and dedication! So proud of them!

Iphone 107 BUk2V9UCcAAtYQE

So inspiring, a blessing to see that we can accomplish dreams and goals, and that there are not limits only the ones we put ourselves or the ones we put to God, but in reality there are no limits…

I was blessed again this month, once again this website JustFab, they launched a new brand Fabletics, Kate Hudson co-own it, and it’s a fitness clothes, affordable outfits, they selected me for a free outfit, I was more than happy, free clothes, so nice, very comfortable, I haven’t use them yet, just tried them on, I will let you know how is the quality and durability later on… I don’t know how,  if it was the time when I signed up or how, but I got the email saying that I could order the outfit free, just like how it happened with the boots and well I wasn’t going to say no lol

Iphone 136

Most of my month was about sports and more sports lol…. I do enjoy watching sports and talking about it on my sport blog or on my twitter is so much fun!!

Watching Justin Bieber walking with Mayweather is always a moment of confusion lol, and then I was happy that the USA soccer team got their ticket for the next World Cup, yes they and I will go to Brazil!!


How? they already know… I am still in that process lol, but hey, I am living today, my October just started, new chances, new beginning, not even the sky would be a limit, I don’t have and I won’t put any limits, doors and windows can be open all the time, and I believe in miracles, and guess what? they happen all the time!

Thanks for reading, and joined me through my moments and my journey, feel free to share yours in the comments area, or leaving a link (please a real one lol) about your journey, I would love to read it!

Have a great, full of blessing and amazing October corazones!

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Pictures thanks to 1,2. Weit, 7,8,10, 11 Twitter, and last one Google


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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