Fashion Capsule; Cozy Fall Sweaters!

Hello corazones!


I was so into the chilly getting cold weather, putting away our summer clothes when yes suddenly Summer said wait a minute, I haven’t left just yet!!

I  wanted to continue my fashion capsules, with some of my favorite fall clothes when summer decided to make a little come back and honestly just to look at some of this nice and fun sweaters make me sweat lol, but as of this moment we are having a refreshing rainy day in NYC, and according to all predictions we will go back to our chilly time and cozy up mood again!!

What I love about sweater is that we all have one or two, I mean they are old, not a new fashion discover, and they were even looked  sometimes as a very lazy style… But now they are all over the places thank God!! And they re-invented them selves sort of, they are cutter, funnier and so in style, look at those where you show some shoulders and hello that is a cozy new level of sexiness lol!!

This nice, fun and so comfy sweaters are just what I need and what I want to wear! Wish list much!!!! ;) And if we add that they are the most comfortable and warm clothing, we have the perfect love affair!  So here are some of my favorite styles!

Fall Sweaters

Fall Sweaters by monikaht featuring a cake plate

They are so easy to wear, I mean it’s not a complicated piece of clothe, we have them in basic and neutral colors, the fun ones in neon and bright colors, and the ones that are my current craving; the ones with quotes, sentences or letters on it and I loveee the ones with any type of animal or animation print! So happy!!

Yes we can be comfy and still look sexy, confident, playful and beautiful at the same time. Creativity is the key as I mentioned you they are so easy to combine, just add some jeans or legging, boots or flats and your best smile and that’s it, ready to conquer the world!

If you want to be more adventurous try to play with layers, a long sleeve shirt under the sweater, a jacket, skirts, if is too chilly for skirts add tights and a pair of boots and that’s it, I love the combination of a sweater with  a nice, trendy or very fancy bottom, like a nice pencil skirt, leather leggings, print jeans, or sequins skirts!

Here are some ideas, combinations or what I call them fashion inspiration!

Fall Sweaters

It’s like being a kid again, when you are ready to  play with colors, fabrics and combine all, I like that I can explore, be creative and create my own draws and laugh and have fun in the process!

I am exploring my creative and my crazy side of the brain, that’s the attitude I am trying to live with, just relax, mix, match, play, create, enjoy and everything is going to be alright!

Thanks for reading as always! Let me know in the comments what do you think about the sweater trends, which one are your favorite and if you have more fashion inspirations feel free to share them!


Pictures thanks to, 1. Weit. 2. I created the set of sweaters in my Polyvore, you can even see the brands of each of them, and last picture is a collage I created with Pinterest pictures!


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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