Decisions… Heads or Tails?

Hello Y’all!


Monday just flied away, like time has being flying away lately… And when you are thinking about making decisions it seems that is going even faster, it’s like if it knows how hard it is and how time add some little pressure to the whole process….

I was wondering why sometimes it’s so hard to decide something, it should be easy, like one option and that’s it, everything should be so clear lol, I know for some people is like that or maybe it’s just my impression, but in my case I feel that I wonder, dance around and sometimes avoid a little bit taking a decision. I am good at job relate decisions, even projects but the personals and detour ones those are the hardest one.


Well I am taking about the decision that I know for a fact that can change my future, spirit, dreams or goals paths and at the end they can change my life… Maybe that’s why I just over think it when I should just jump and trust that no matter what I will ended up where I am supposed to be…  I think I’m about to flip a coin and trusts for the best!!

I can only hope that I will take the right decisions, that no matter what my faith will lead me to the right path, that the best it’s yet to come and I will do the right thing at this moment… I know God works in a perfect way… If somehow I get out my goal path he will lead me back in track!


Thanks for reading and I hope your decision process is better than mine lol!! I either over think it with my list of pro and cons or I go wild and don’t think it that much… Right now the coin thing is more appealing!!

What do you think decision are hard or we make them hard to make? Feel free to share!

Have a great week at the end life is a sum of decisions! I hope your week is full of great decisions and amazing moments!!


Pictures thanks to weit


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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