The Walking City…

Hola corazones!

Iphone 131

Yeah it’s not the walking dead, actually I was walking very alive lol… Sometimes I have a tendency to walk like a zombie immerse in my own thoughts, in my own world but most of the time I try to look around, and it’s a nice, refreshing and inspiring experience…

Since I promised to show you my New York, I will take you with me in my walking around this crazy and beautiful city!

I was running an errand in the famous Upper East Side, so I decided to walk while heading back home… I thought taking the subway was the fastest way… lazy me… But then I said, come on you lazy  woman, move those feet and walk some blocks, enjoy, recharge, burn some calories, and avoid transfer from train to train in the process hehe.

 It was a nice fall day, the weather was just right, cold but just enough to feel a refreshing air, it was kind of a way to clean my mind, I let the win blow away all the bad thoughts, and while walking the coldness felt like a perfect way to embrace a new season!

I found this tiny reminder, Christmas is around the corner yey!! This mini trees, considering that my place is like a mine box,  one of this green beauties would be more than prefect lol… yeah the perks of living in the city. ;)

Iphone 125

While out of the city most houses are decorated for every holiday, unfortunately that is not the case in the city, maybe because of buildings, crazy or weird neighbors or whatever reasons, so it’s funny and nice to see a building fully embracing the season and holidays decor! Boo!!

Iphone 127 Iphone 128

Haha did you got scare??…  I love tree line houses neighborhoods, they all have the same colors, brownish, brick color, but once in a while something will stand out, a big and beautiful red door!!  I loved it, the building was a beauty too.

Iphone 129 Iphone 130

Talking about statements, my walk took me to one of the city statements, Central Park, I didn’t go inside, I walked along side of it.

Iphone 134

Iphone 133

In a walking city, dogs need their walk too, I don’t think I can be a dog walker, I would feel that one of the dogs would go wild on me lol. These ones were well-behaved I have to say.

Iphone 136 Iphone 135

You can avoid to stop in the middle and just appreciate and enjoy the nature, the coldness, the new season, and just feel the beauty of life!

Iphone 137

Iphone 139

It’s beautiful, the colors, it’s amazing to see God job, pure art!

Iphone 140 Iphone 141

And talking about art, look where I ended up, the one and only Met! I didn’t go inside that would be another adventure for later. ;)

Iphone 143 Iphone 145

But I joined the crow outside and rested a little bit, we enjoyed some nice street music, this guys were awesome, the music was the type I like, oldies but goodies and everyone was enjoying the free show.

Iphone 148

Hungry much??… pick a card and have a hot dog or an exotic dish, yeah on the streets!! lol

Iphone 157 Iphone 155 After a nice very musical break which I loved it, I continued my walk, with a relax spirit, I went from street music to street food to street art all just by walking some blocks!

Iphone 159

Sometimes you will find very artistic, colorful and just beautiful painting, pictures or posters!

Iphone 160 Iphone 158

Iphone 161

My walk was over for the day, I took the bus back home, and I felt renewed, blessed and somehow like I had just cleaned my mind, ready to keep going!

And look what I found around my neighborhood, a lonely but smiley carved pumpkin hehe…  On a good news it has company now… I will show you in my next post :)

Iphone 162

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my walking day, it was a nice way to recharge energy and get inspire in the process… This city is full of life and I always say, the best way to see it is getting out of the bus, train or car and just walk around, even the same place won’t feel the same way twice!

I leave you with a little taste of what I listened to during my musical break!

Feel free to leave any comment! Have a great and very inspirational week!!


Pictures and video are mine!! ©


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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