Merry Christmas!!

Hello y’all!!


Merry belated Christmas everyone!! ;)

This months and this year has gone so fast, I love this season and it’s almost over but the last couple of weeks I have had some kind of epiphanies as I like to call them, first I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as usual, not like the usual going around the same circle type of thinking but this time it has been a positive and  moving forward type, which is great, I feel like I am getting to  the next level of growing at least at this point in my life!

So after a couple of challenging months, I have decided to leave it all to God, and worry no more, I’m letting it all go, I can’t lie to you, some moments I felt that thing in your stomach when you feel vulnerable and lost, but during this past two weeks I just decided to jump into life and trust! It feels like the old me like the way I have always been but improved, this is why I love the holidays, I get the best gift, some perspective and an understanding of my life, my priorities and a clear vision of the goal even if I don’t know the how…  It’s like what I’ve been trying to do during the past months but haven’t been able to fully accomplish,  finally I feeling it without the tiredness or stress.

So what did you do during the holidays, did Santa brought you what you asked him? Were you in the nice list or in the naughty?? This is so funny haha


I think I’ve been in between both list like getting into one and them moving to the other ;/ upsi… although I have to be honest I think I spent a lot of time in the naughty list and not for what you might think…. haaa dirty minds haha…. nooo just normal things that didn’t help to keep my positive attitude, you know the usual downs of the year.

But despite all this, Baby Jesus was nice with me, I’ve got a couple of good presents, finally after almost four years I have a small TV wohoo, well, is my sister’s haha but since we live together I have taken possession of the gift too, I also got myself a 30 days dance classes, this is going to be hilarious, well is not a secret that I have gained so much weight and I honestly dislike the gym, so I think this dancing  thing which comes natural to me will be a better more realistic way to move and shake all the extra pounds! :)

 Iphone 143

This is an special time, having part of my family away makes it a bit harder despite all the time I have been away, I still miss them deeply and even more if is possible but I am thankful that they are healthy, strong and ready to keep walking by faith too, thanks God for technology Skype is the best, seeing the face of my baby nephews showing me their presents and their happiness with the smallest and simple things is contagious, being a kid is just a humble, sincere and precious attitude, we shouldn’t let those feelings and memories go away, everything would be easy with a kid attitude.

I enjoyed Christmas, I ate so much that is ridiculous hahaha seriously thanks God that the holidays are almost over, I mean I love them and I wish I could be in a holiday  mood all year, but the food is just too much temptation and let’s face it I am weak in that area hahaha

fat cat

I hope you had a merry beautiful Christmas, mine was very peaceful and spiritual, I feel that I have found that extra strength that I needed, definitely God knows what we really need at every time! I will miss the lights and all the beautiful decoration around the city, I will try to make a post to show you some of my favorites!

Thanks for reading and I wish you a beautiful rest of the holiday season!!! Have fun and enjoy, if you want to share what you got during Christmas feel free to do it in the comments!

I love how the Salvation Army brings the Christmas spirit on the streets, some of them put some nice shows, it’s fun and a nice break when you are walking around the city! So I thought of closing this post with this small video haha

Feliz Navidad!!


Pictures 1, 3 and 5 are mine © hahaha…. 2 and 4 are from Pinterest.  Video is mine from my Vine Account.


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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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