Christmas + Selfie = 12 days of #ChristmasSelfie!!… It’s all about NYC!

Iphone 372

Today on Instagram is #SelfieSunday, I really don’t know if people are still using it… I’ve used the hashtag once I think, but as you might have notice I kind of like to include the whole Twitter and Instagram lingo in my blogs. I mentioned in my previous post about showing you how Christmassy the City gets during the holiday season, and I thought instead of doing a long post I would do a series of posts, so that’s how 12 days of Christmas Selfies starts!

What is that? you might ask, I will show you the City decorations with a daily selfie (I will try very hard to do it every day…) starting today until Christmas day, But wait, don’t think I am full of myself… ha… on the contrary I’m just trying to be brave and have fun with this NYC Christmas series. It wont be only my selfie I will include a couple of more pictures, so you can actually see the decorations, but a selfi must be part of the post, that’s my kind of challenge thing or my way of having fun with it. ;)

So here is the first Christmas Selfie!.. At Columbus Circle ;)

Iphone 377

I’ll be honest, is not the most decorated place, but they have the Time Warner Center building with a few but cute blue lights, and inside the building you will find some big Christmas ornaments…

Iphone 373 Iphone 374

Across the building there is an entrance to Central Park that during the season becomes a Christmas street market, and those are really cute, you find some interesting and very creative thing such as ornaments, clothes, paints and other fun products!

Iphone 379  Iphone 382

Iphone 381 Iphone 387 As you can see the market is decorated with lights and Christmas colors!!

Iphone 386 Iphone 388

I’m not that much into the Christmas shopping thing lately but I like this type of markets there a few around the city… I will show you others later.

So what do you think about Columbus Circle?… I really like it, not many lights but what they have might put you in the season mood, some of the streets or building around have some lights on, which add to the experience.

Iphone 389 Iphone 390Thank for reading!! I hope you like this NYC Christmas series, let me know in the comments ot if you want to see a specific place you can leave the request. You can also comment or ask me on Twitter; @MonikJHerrera.

Today it felt like I went to two places so I guess this counts as a second #ChristmasSelfie, at the market, kind of hard to see… and I look kind of tired ;0

Iphone 384

Again, Thanks for reading and stopping by!

All pictures are mine ©,  I am the only one to blame, Ha!! Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures, I took them with my phone, I’ll try to improve the quality… It was cold outside  maybe that’s why I moved my hand so much ;0…


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