Day third or fourth…. New York #ChristmasSelfie!!…

Iphone 017

I went to Lincoln Center as part of the NYC Christmas selfies series I started to do last post which by the way counted for two selfies…. Ha!

Anyhow to my surprise there were not that many Christmas decorations in Lincoln Center, for some reason I had the idea that they used to decorate but well, it’s a cultural place and I think they only decorate on specific occasions relate with expositions or cultural themes.

Still is a beautiful building, if you cross the street you will find the sign that indeed we are in Christmas season, so here is my third #ChristmasSelfie at Lincoln Center square!

photo (5)

It was a lonely but beautiful Christmas tree, it was raining, as you can see I am fighting all-weather conditions, this is how committed I am with this task…. actually it was a light rain ;)  Iphone 019   Iphone 029 Iphone 030

A few steps away from the square, you will see some trees with lights on, the ABC TV network is there in the neighborhood so they might be the ones in charge of  the decorations but nonetheless it looks beautiful and very Christmassy, if you want to shop there are a bunch of stores including the famous discount store Century 21, so there you have a few options to do while walking around there.

Iphone 033    Iphone 037 Iphone 039 Iphone 040

I hope you like it!… More places to come!!

Thanks for reading and stopping by,  if you have any comment feel free to leave it in the comment area or on my twitter @MonikJHerrera!

Pictures are mine, this time I am blaming the rain for the quality of some of them ;)



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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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1 Response to Day third or fourth…. New York #ChristmasSelfie!!…

  1. Aleyda says:

    Love it, And love Christmas !

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