Summer; Midyear goals, dreams and plans! 


Unofficially summer is here, Memorial day is a day to remember and honor those who lost their life defending this country, it’s also the day that unofficially marks the begging of summer time in this land. (USA)

It is incredible how summer is already here and we are a few days away to start a new month; June, which means the middle of the year is here as well, and as usual it feels like time is flying… hopefully not flying away but flying toward our goals!


The middle of the year is a perfect time to review our year, make some adjustments if is needed and keep going. This year I didn’t do my usual New Year resolutions, I do them every year or at least I try, I believe that putting goals on paper and having a plan is what works for me, but this year it was different, around November 2014, I came across a book I heard good comments and recommendations; The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson… so I decided to read it.

It’s an interesting book, to be honest with you some of the things the author wrote, I already knew them or I had read it before, but there was a part in the book that I thought was a great way to work on my goals and how to accomplish them. I always say one day at a time, one goal at a time and I have said it here before and I try to live that way, because sometimes life can be very overwhelming, stressful or just a bit complicated.


The book’s main idea is about “Turning simple disciplines into massive success”… and how you can do that by understanding the importance of every single action, and how a simple daily discipline can take you closer to your goal or dream or take you far away. I found that most of us probably know this but it was a good remainder and a good set up for the book’s idea of a daily discipline, to accomplish goals and achieve success.

Sometimes our dreams and goals can feel very big or difficult to accomplish and most of the time we think how am I going to do it? the book make emphasis on the little things and the little steps that eventually will help you to reach them and as simple as they can be or maybe as obvious as they can look, they can make or break our plans and eventually our goals.


Usually in my resolutions I would focus on areas of my life as I mentioned in an old post, and then I would write on a paper the goals or things that I wanted to accomplish making sure they were reachable, later I would create a plan of action, kind of a list. What I found interesting was that usually I would write plans without thinking in the small actions and the discipline that would help me to reach that bigger action plan, I thought those were things that were already included in my routine, but sometimes our routines can be the reason why we are not accomplishing all our goals.

In the book I found some things similar to what I was doing but with more structure and with additional options that I haven’t considered before but that could make my goals more easy or more reachable. See the picture below, is an example of one area of life, this is the best part of the book for me because it gave me an organize way to create my plans of actions.

one simple step

I like the idea of consider what is the “price to pay” to accomplish those goals, sometimes because we want to dance and sleep at the same time, we make our plans more complicated, I like the idea of consider what I need to sacrifice to reach a goal.

Is like when you want to lose weight but don’t want to make the time to exercise or to review what you are eating, just to put an example, if I consider the price of a goal like losing weight I will consider the fact that I have to get up and walk instead of staying home without moving. Again those things can be very obvious but for some people like me when you write them down on a paper you are more conscious about them, I can evaluate what I need to give up to make space for something else that I need to do to accomplish a goal.


One important thing for me this year, is to make sure I’m not only focusing on accomplish things and working on my goals but also to have patience, and take the things I cannot control as they come and just keep going, enjoying life and enjoying the process.

Sometimes goals or dreams can be achieved easily, or with just a few steps, sometimes they’ll take more time and sometimes you will find that it’s taking way longer that what you thought. I included in my plans of actions due dates and dates just to keep myself accountable. The key for me this time is to adjust and don’t overthink it, just do it, wait and enjoy!


I wrote before that resolutions or any type of planning is not for everyone, some people like to just to go with the wind, or just do what they consider best at the moment and that’s fine, they  still get things done, we are all different that’s the beauty of life!

 I hope you found something interesting in this post if you make it to the end, this is not a review of the book, it’s just about some of the ideas I found in the book that I have included in my yearly plans and in my daily life. 

Thank you for reading!!! I like to write, as you can see, online or on paper, but I have a weakness for cute stationary though, cute notebooks are my thing and don’t let me get into planners… :0… yes I am one of those crazy planner girls. Ha!


Let me know if you like to do midyear reviews? Feel free to leave a comment here or visit me on twitter @MonikJHerrera.

Bonus questions do you like to plan or you just go with the wind?, which is fine and fun too..

Pictures from Pinterest, 1st pic,, 2nd one see picture, 3rd one; see picture, 4th;, 5th ;, 6th; las two are mine, one from the book and the other is my planner ;)

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I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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  1. Aleyda says:

    Hello Summer! Really inspiring!

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