The power of nostalgia


Traveler packing his suitcase before leaving

It feels so goo to say “hola” here. I was checking my emails a few days ago and I received one from this site telling me that now I can make money here, so here I am… Ha… just kidding… I mean, I did get that email and I thought Jesus Looord times flies, I am still young to remember when I started to “write” in this blog you were not able to make money. As with many things in life things have change and evolved, I guess.

I wanted to take my blogging “life” to a more consistent level and include a youtube life in the process as you can read my last post, but I wanted to make it in a more serious way and find a new site and be self-hosted. I started to research the process and all that jazz -I’m trying to use new words from cool people haha- but oh well, life got in between, priorities shifted and here I am trying to figure out when all those three years have gone. It feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote my previous post, but it has been three… three.. years… wow

Anyway a fews days ago while reading that email I felt curious and came to check this space and oh boy.. all the feelings.. all the feelings… yes I felt so nostalgic. This blog has meant so much  to me, even if it just has been a sum of random thought at an specific time, or attempts to blog lifestyle-ish stuff. I created this blog when life was taking me through new paths, challenges and new adventures and I wanted to be courageous and fearless. I’ve just read a few of my old posts and they reminded me how courageous I was and have been over this past years, and I felt the nostalgic and I wondered why did I stop writing in here?… and then I remembered that despite how much I love planning all in my life, sometimes life throws you curve balls, gives you new stories to live and new walkway to walk so you adjust. Bogging became a second plan for a later time.


This nostalgia also reminded me about those old dreams and goals and oh! how much I have accomplished. It has always been fun writing here even if it has only been once a month or once every three months or as now once every three years, this was my space, my first attempt to live courageously and the first sign that I was about to make great thing.

To summed it up, I thought while I keep marinating and developing that great blogging plan, why not keep this little space available for my nostalgia and for those great stories and moments that I want to share with the ciber world. I love finding inspiration in people and in life.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can join me in this new stage of nostalgia and can share with me some good things that life has thrown at you, for now I’ll keep sharing a few inspiring things and take you along in my process to build a more serious blogging world in a different space, but that would be for later.


About Monica

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, walking by faith not by sight, love sports, crazy about Futbol but mostly I love life! :)
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