About Me!

Hello There

I am a Journalist by vocation and determination, just graduated!! A couple of years ago I decided to take a step in pursuing my dreams, it all started by selecting a new name, that it was according to what I want to do with my life! That name is COURAGE!!

Why? By definition: Is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. I read in a Paulo Cohelo book (The fifth mountain) that sometimes in order to re-direct your life you need to rebuild it, not forgetting the past but creating a new life with that past, so to start to build the new path you should choose a new name that defines you at that time. Well I decided to take that advice, and took a name that I think it represented me then and now.

This blog is about the things that I love, like, enjoy and the decision and u turns that I’ve been taking to follow my dreams! Now I am a Journalist trying to open doors, windows and anything that can be open to do what I was bring to this world to do. I’ve been working hard during this adventure and this past years have been an incredible journey, but this is just the new beginning I will keep working hard to accomplish all my goals!

I love sports, is not just a hobby to watch them, they have been in my past, in my present and I hope that in my future somehow, but mostly I love life and everything in it!!!

I´m catholic, I believe in miracles, I’ve seen them during my life, and my faith is the motor in my life. I’ve been bless by God in so many ways that I can’t said enough how thankful I am. And I am feeling happy to share with you this craziness!!.

Feel free to say hello! Leave me a comment, send me an email of follow me on twitter!

4 Responses to About Me!

  1. Scoop Jackson..."News 60" says:

    You sound delightful! Congrats on graduating. From the bio. you sound like a lady after my own heart! And…thanks for visiting and following “News60.”


    • Monica says:

      Thank you on my graduation, a bit accomplishment and one of the best times of my life!!…Thank you for visiting me and for the following too, I found “New60” very interesting, looking forward to keep reading it! :)

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